Asia Station and YoYo Tea bar


As of August 1st, 2013, Asia Station (“the one stop shop for Asian trends”) will continue the sales of design products and gadgets on a new location in Amsterdam: Zeedijk 98-100. The new store will also house a YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar, serving bubble tea with a twist by the YoYo brand.

Next to retail, the team behind the trend store will focus on online sales and the production and distribution of the Lucky8Cats series, lucky cats wit a trendy new design, on display in the new store.

The cooperation with YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar marks a new chapter. The tea bar is a counterpart of the well-known coffee bars and serves among others the trendy bubble milk tea (Earl Grey tea with milk and tapioca pearls in various flavors) next to a vast assortment of green teas, mixed with syrups or fresh fruit juices, such as green tea mango or green tea fresh watermelon.

Drop by in our new store for a unique taste and overview of the latest Asian trends!